I am beyond repentance.

The L Word is fucking amazing.

Lady Gaga is the reason I breathe. Tara is a hot fucking lady and her boobage is spectacular. TAGA FOR THE WIN.

Thank you to whoever made the above gif, my life is somewhat better because of you and I hope you don't mind me using it.

Anonymous asked: when you'll post the 6th part of the fanfiction? I loved this fic ♥

For more of a definite answer, I’m hoping that by next week it will be done. I’m so sorry to keep you waiting but I was insanely busy with important exams and I’m ALMOST done with them (thank fuck) so I am really quite excited to continue this story. Again, I’m so sorry to those who read it for taking this long but It’ll be up soon. I love you all :) ♥

Anonymous asked: When is part 6 coming out? I'm really anxious for it, I love it!!

Very soon, my sweet anon. Incredibly lad that you liked it! Thank you so much for reading <3

tagateam asked: I need another chapter of your fanfiction! I LOVE IT!

Ahhhhhhh! Thanks so much sweetie! Yupp, there will definitely be another chapter coming soon :) 

Anonymous asked: are u gonna make a part 6 to Taras Diary?????

Yes! There is absolutely going to be a part 6 and hopefully, very soon. Thanks for your interest in the story! :)

Anonymous asked: Omg, i love 'Gaga finds Tara's diary'!!!!! When will you post the 6th chapter?:)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I LOVE YOU FOR LOVING IT! Hahahaha. Seriously. You guys are simple amazing. Sorry that I don’t have a definitive time frame for when I can post (…or write it) but I promise I’ll try and do it asap! Thanks for your message lovely! 

Anonymous asked: Hey ahh omg are you nearly finished with the next part?? Im dying to read it :D xx

Well, I think it would be prudent to say how sorry I am for not having published part 6 by now but… *cringe* I actually have not fully written it. I’ve got what I want to happen mapped out I just haven’t had any time to physically sit down and type it BUT I will try and make sure that when I do, all of you AMAZING people won’t be disappointed. I think part 5 left me on such a high because of the drama (I’m sorry I’m so lame, but I can’t help it) and I kind of don’t want it to get too boring but I shall do my best! I’m so sorry again but I can’t thank you enough for reading it. Thanks lovely anon! XX

Anonymous asked: Thank you for writing an amazing fanfic! Your writing is so good. Can't wait for part 6! :)

Thank YOU for reading my fanfic! I can’t even begin to tell you how much your message means to me! Ahhhhh, I can’t wait either, to be honest. Thanks again sweet, anon! <3

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