I am beyond repentance.

The L Word is fucking amazing.

Lady Gaga is the reason I breathe. Tara is a hot fucking lady and her boobage is spectacular. TAGA FOR THE WIN.

Thank you to whoever made the above gif, my life is somewhat better because of you and I hope you don't mind me using it.

@ladygaga: On my way to Dubai! Xxx

@ladygaga: On my way to Dubai! Xxx

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could be gayer

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The L Word: Top 5 Saddest Moments #3 - Shane Leaving Carmen on their Wedding Day.

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Anonymous asked: Do you still use this blog? :)

Honest answer, no. BUT it will make its comeback one day, I swear it AND I NEVER EVER forgot. It’s always in the back of my mind. In the meantime feel free to follow my main one mrcookiepants AND TELL ME YOU’RE FROM HERE SO I CAN LOVE YOU FOREVER AND SHOWER YOU WITH MY AFFECTION <3333

Thank you so much for caring, you’re all sweethearts and I love you guys so so sosososososoosososo much you have no idea <3 



AWWW BB pls tell me who you are I want to thank you personally for caring. I promise, I never forgot <3 

Anonymous asked: PLEAAAAASEEEEEEEEE POST THE PART 6. I keep on reading the whole series over and over lol I NEED PART SIX. love you boo xx

I’M SO SORRY BOO, I REALLY AM. I’M SORRY I DID THAT TO YOU. I KEEP READING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN TOO. One day, I swear. I love you so much, thank you forever <3 xxxxxx

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